Sandy Dupar – Senior Manager, Thought Leader, and Strategist (LinkedIn Profile)

“Richard Worthington has led the way in transforming the Jeopardy Desk through reporting and the evolution of the CCG system. He is incredibly innovative and supports the Texas, Florida, and California regions through various key reports in driving performance. Other regions have adopted many of Rick’s reports as they too have found how instrumental his reports can be to the business. In addition, Rick has helped to capture the ever changing needs of the Jeopardy Desk via the writing of requirements for the CCG system and ensuring the system is designed to best support the teams. There isn’t enough space or enough words to describe the stellar performance and innovation Rick Worthington has displayed.”

Joshua Day – Manager – NOC Tier II – IP/DATA (LinkedIn Profile)

“Rick has always been great in network isolation and the assessment of customer premise equipment as well. Rick is a fantastic asset in every capacity when I have been tasked with challenging situations and the Verizon FSC has been better for having him for so long!”

Jeff Bohning – Staff Support Specialist at Verizon Communications (LinkedIn Profile)

“Rick has always shown a solid eye for complex situations, finding any problems and at times potential problems. He’s a quick study on any project I’ve seen him tackle being willing and able to work with others to ensure the jobs remain on track with good feedback on any irregularities found.”

Tameca Jude – Coordinator- Security Ops at Verizon (LinkedIn Profile)

“Richard is very knowledgeable in various subjects and is always willing to help anyone. I am proud to be apart of the same team that Richard is on. He consistently brings a wealth of knowledge and shares that with the team and even helps to teach anyone that may not be familiar with a particular subject. Richard is determined, disciplined and has assisted on several special projects. He has been a key to the implementation to several projects to help improve our job and would be a great asset to any department or company.”