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Give Your Bot a Persona or Customers Will

Watch any Sci-Fi movie that has artificial intelligence and you’ll notice they all have personalities. Jarvis from “Iron Man”, Samantha from “Her”, and V.I.K.I. from “I, Robot” all had personalities (Viki was a bit homicidal, but that’s for a different article about machines taking over the human race).

It turns out, this isn’t just good for story-telling, it’s actually what humans expect from an AI. According to the following study, humans automatically anthropomorphize robots.


Product Owner vs Project Manager

Do you think of yourself as a Project Manager or Product Owner?

Those who’ve had training in traditional project management or Agile project management probably already know the technical differences between these two roles. At a glance, they look nearly identical and oftentimes, the people in these positions switch hats daily to cover both responsibilities. But how does the mindset of these two roles affect the success of your team?


Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Web Push Notifications

If you’ve clicked this link, you’re probably thinking one of two things …

“Web push notifications? You mean those messages websites try to get me to sign up for by blasting me with an annoying “ would like to send you notifications” prompt the first time I load their page… the ones I always deny?”


“What the hell is a web push notification and why should I care?”